Lectures and Tutorials

NAGLS has well equipped classroom with all modern teaching aids like Projectors, Wi-Fi Connectivity, white boards and smart boards.

Center for Legal Interaction

NAGLS is concentrating on clinical legal education which provides practical experience for students enabling them interact with Government departments/authorities/Judiciary (High Court & Supreem Court of India)/ legal luminaries/jurists/economists., etc

Clinical Legal Education/Workshop

NAGLS envisages providing clinical legal education by organizing seminar- National & international, debates, competitions.


Internships are considered a vital way of enhancing student’s employability. It can increase student’s knowledge of the work place. With many employees looking for work skills and academic achievements in candidates, work placements have an increasing importance in gaining a good job.

International Collaboration

NAGLS proposes to join hands and collaborate with legal educational institution/Universities in abroad.

Center for Excellence

The Centre for Excellence at NAGLS aims at preparing students to enhance well rounded awareness and knowledge about relevant soft skills, such as personality development, grooming, presentation skills, workplace conduct and awareness about the respective area of study.

Case Studies

Case Studies are designed and delivered in the classroom, which provide students with a framework to understand and analyze real world challenges in a simulated setting.


Mentorship is a part of the larger ecosystem of the college to support and assist students from outside their direct learning structure and to ensure that they develop the right skills and attitude to broaden their employment and educational option, while achieving their fuller potential as responsible adults.

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