Rules and Regulations

Library Policies

With a view to enhance the access and usability of the library, the rules and regulations concerning the use of library mentioned below.

  • General Eligibility

  • Library Services and Facilities

  • Borrowing Facilities

  • The Use of Text-Book Collection

  • Inter-Library Loans

  • Access Facilities

  • General Regulation

General Eligibility

NAGLS is concentrating on clinical legal education which provides practical experience for students enabling them interact with Government departments/authorities/Judiciary (High Court & Supreem Court of India)/ legal luminaries/jurists/economists., etc

Library Services and Facilities

In general, NAGLS library offers following facilities and services

  • Library Membership Facility

  • Document Borrowing Facility

  • Text Book Service

  • Reference Service

  • Reservation of Books

  • Inter-Library loan Service

  • Facility to Browse reading materials in open access environment

  • Assistance in the use of E-Resources

  • Photocopying Service

  • Article Alert Services

  • Newspaper Clipping Service

  • Bibliographical service wherever they available.

Borrowing Facility

Following facilities are extended to the bonafide members to borrow the specified number of volumes from the library.

  • Members of teaching staff of the college will be issued a membership card and can borrow 5 books for 1 month. Alternatively, they would be given 5 library tickets.
  • For students enrolled into the various courses of college will be issued a membership card and can borrow 3 books for 8 working days.
  • Students who enrolled into diploma course are eligible for the membership of library and can borrow 2 books for 8 working days.

Condition of Loan

  • Electronically generated membership card/library tickets issued by library are non-transferable.
  • All the reference materials including encyclopedias, reports, magazines, periodicals etc as are marked for consultation within library.
  • Borrower must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of books before borrowing; otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation notice later on or at the time of returning.
  • Penalties for book lost, damaged, mutilated or defected by marking shall be fixed by the librarian.
  • Loan of books is not renewable, in case it is in demand by another user
  • The librarian can recall books on loan with members at any time.

Issue System and Reservation

  • In the event of electronically generated membership card, on each occasion when the book is borrowed, the reader must approach the library circulation counter with the membership ID and get the book charged/issued/discharged/returned.
  • In the event of holding the membership tickets, as per the entitlements, the user should ensure that the number of books issued and number of library tickets available in hand meets its requirement;
  • In case of any discrepancy, the same should be brought to the notice of In-charge, Issue and Return Counter immediately.
  • Reservation for books which are not on the library shelves can be made by teachers and research students on prescribed reservation cards available at the reference desk. The library will inform the member as soon as the book is available.

The Use of Text Book Collection

  • Text book collections are available in library on law and other allied subjects.
  • Text book collection comprises of reading materials covering prescribed readings, recommended readings, allied and relational reading and such other books as may be considered important for placement along with such collections
  • Some copies of text books as may be considered necessary will may be kept for consultaion only and cannot be issued.
  • Facility to reserve text book is available
  • Overdue charge for keeping the text books overtime is Rs. 5/- per day per volume.

Inter Library Loan Facility

  • Inter-Library Loans is a facility which supplements the Library's own stock by obtaining material which is not available in the Library for teachers and students.
  • Members of the Library may request the requisite book/s on Inter-Library Loan from other libraries
  • Request forms for obtaining books on ILL can be obtained from the Reference Staff at the Library. A form must be filled in for each item to be requested, giving all available details about each item. The staff of the of the reference section are available during service hours to accept the requests
  • It is important that before submitting Inter-Library Loan requests, users first search the collection of the NAGLS library including the e-resources subscribed by the college to see if the reading material is available physically or electronically
  • Books borrowed from other libraries are required to be used within the Library on the production of bonafide library ticket/ membership card and in no circumstances will be allowed to be taken out of the library premises
  • Lending libraries have the right to impose conditions of loan including loan period and number of renewals permitted, if any. These conditions must be adhered to strictly by borrowers. The Library may impose heavy fines on borrowers with Inter-Library Loan material in their possession beyond the due date. Serious or persistent offenders may be denied access to the Inter-Library Loan service.

Access Facility

  • All bonafide members are entitled to access electronic resources through campus network
  • However, bulk copying, systematic downloading or use of such electronic materials for commercial purposes and other such usages which are in violation to IPR rules or other relevant rules and regulations of the country, is strictly prohibited.
  • Strict action will be taken, if any breach of law is discovered.
  • The members have the privilege of direct access to the shelves in the stack halls and the freedom to browse books during specified hours subject to certain requirements of the concerned library.
  • The library books are for the benefit of not only the present but also the future members of the library. They should, therefore, be handled with every care and consideration.
  • It is important that the classified arrangement of books, according to the numbers, is maintained on the shelves for the convenience of the members themselves

General Regulation

Detailed information regarding general regulation falls under following sub-heading:

Overdue Charges

  • The member is expected to return borrowed books on or before the due date stamped on the date label in the book.
  • An overdue charge of Rs. 5/- per day per volume will be levied for late payment return of general books.
  • Overdue charges for later return of text books will be in accordance with the rules specified above under Use of Textbook Collection

Loss of Books /Library Tickets

  • Neither books nor membership card be lent to another person.
  • The member is responsible for the books borrowed on his / her library tickets.
  • Loss of library books or membership cards must be reported in writing to the Librarian or In-charge of the Library immediately.
  • Borrowers will be asked to pay at the rates fixed by the Library for or replace the book lost or returned in damaged or mutilated condition.
  • If the Library Ticket or the electronically generated membership card is lost, a deposit of non-refundable Rs. 200/- will be required from the member. The duplicate library tickets/ membership card will be issued accordingly. However return/ payment/ replacement of book/s issued on the previous Library tickets/ membership card will be the sole responsibility of the user and no clearance will be given till the dues are not cleared

Maintaining of disciplines

  • Library is a place of individual study and research. It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of quiet and dignity inside the library. Members are, therefore, reminded that conversation or consultation among themselves or noisy or demonstrative greeting of friends inside the library is not permitted.
  • Library users are expected not to act in any way which disturbs the reading or study of other users or which also interferes with the proper functioning of the Library.
  • The users will deposit their personal belongings including personal books at the property counter.
  • Librarian reserves the right to check the contents of the items deposited at the property counter.
  • The Library on written request can permit the use of personal laptop and other electronic storage media inside the library.
  • Use of mobile phone is prohibited, especially in the areas where the users are engaged in study and research.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the areas where the users are engaged in study and research.
  • Damage to or theft of Library property will be referred to the College Disciplinary authorities and other law enforcing authorities.
  • Notices, publicity materials/ wall writings etc. are not allowed in any part of the Library building.
  • The Library will not be responsible for any damage or loss to equipment plugged into power points in the library or to data stored thereon as a result of power fluctuations or any other cause.
  • Library staff working in the Library will not be able to permit telephone calls or other personal messages to library users

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