Research Publication, Book chapters are the life blood of every academician. Not only does it enhance personal/ individual knowledge and continuous learning but also impacts the student community. In addition, it adds value to the institution.
NAGLS encourages academic faculty to focus on research publication. All support will be given to them to pursue their interest. An Interdisciplinary journal will be brought out by the institution.
An In-House Newsletter will also focus on the events and achievements of the student community.

Publication of Faculties

Publication of Dr. Marie Raj- Advisory Director and Faculty of English

  • “Joseph Furtado – A Forgotten Goan Poet”, Ankur- An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol.2 2012-2013, ed. Principal ,Don Bosco College , Panjim, pp 13-19
  • “Indian Christian Diasporic Poets of the Post-Modern Era”, Ankur- An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol.1 2010-2011, ed. Principal ,Don Bosco College , Panjim, pp 43-48
  • Ruskin Bond’, The Short Story Writer’ Sacred Heart Journal of Science& Humanities, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, ISSN 2277-6613, Vol 2 July – December 2012, pp141-153
  • Research paper “A Study of Three Indian Women Poets: A Feminist Mapping” Beauty Pageant: Woman’s World, Words and Wounds. ed.Dr.Beena V. Rathi , Vital Publications, Jaipur, 2013 ISBN:978-93-81169-16-2, pp 38-50
  • Jointly written paper “ Lambert Mascarenhas’ novel Sorrowing Lies My Land: Can the Subaltern Speak?” Contemporary Discourse- a Peer Reviewed International Journal, Eds. Sudhir and MadhaviNikam, Vol 5, Issue1, Jan 2014, ISSN 096 3686, pp56-64 “Best Paper Award

Dr. Namrata Rai- “Chief Librarian”

Publication in International Journals

  • Rai, Namrata and Shailendra K. (2014), “Help Mechanism Systems offered in IR Interface of E-journal Database Systems: A Users’ Perception related to help mechanism in their information seeking Tasks”, Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal), Paper 1050. URL:
  • Shailendra K. and Namrata Rai (2013), “Online Searching Behavior of Social Science Researchers’ in IR Interfaces of E-journal Database System: A Study on JMI, JNU, and DU”, Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice, Vol. 1 I. 4, pp. 48-66.
  • Rai, Namrata and Shialendra K. (2011), “Comparative features of integrated library management software systems available in Delhi” The Electronic Library, Vol. 29 I. 1, pp. 121-146.

Publication in National Journals

  • Shailendra K. and Namrata Rai. (2011), “Web Interface in Library Management Software System”, DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology, Vol. 31, I.4, pp. 262-274.

Publication in Festschrift Volume

  • Shailendra Kumar and Namrata Rai (2012), “A Comparative study of Retrieval Features of Selected Online Database”, Dynamics of Librarianship in the Knowledge Society: festschrift in honour of Prof. B. Ramesh Babu, Ed.-in- Chief. AchimOsswald, S.M. Zabed Ahmed; Editors- D.Chandran, P. Rajendran, S.K. Ashok Kumar, 4 Vol., pp. 213-220.

National Conference Paper presented and published

  • Shailendra, K, Namrata Rai and GareemaSanaman. (2012), “Technology shift from printed to electronic era: Types and formats of e-books. “National Conference on Librarianship in Digital Era” held at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab on 20-21 January 2012.
  • ManpreetKaur, Namrata Rai and PrabhjeetKaur (2008), “FRBR: A New approach to the Bibliographic Universe. “National Conference on Recent Technological trends in Management and Library System: Issues and Challenges”. Held at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi on 4-5 Jan 2008.

International Conference paper present and published

  • Federated Search: A new option for Libraries in digital era. “6th International CALIBER- from Automation to Transformation” held at 28th, 29th February and 1st March 2008, at University of Allahabad

Abstract Publish in an International Conference

  • Namrata Rai and Shailendra Kumar (2014), “Usability and Importance of Auxiliary Features available in IR Interfaces of E-journal Database Systems: A Users’ Perspective”, 6th International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, Kadir Das University, Istanbul, Turkey on 27th -30th May 2014.


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