Legal education has become the most sought after professional education in India during the past two decades. India is now poised to become a global giant in technology and industry and therefore center staging of legal education gains global relevance. In the past, legal education was merely looked at as an entry process for those who want to practice law. The learning process was to equip students with the minimum knowledge and no skill training. In these days of diversity, competition and unlimited opportunity, legal education needs to be globally relevant and of international standard. Human endeavors have undergone a fundamental change with new professions and new opportunities opening up with the explosion of knowledge and revolution in information and technology.
Present day students of law can never be satisfied with mere text book knowledge, information globally and readily available on the World Wide Web. What is required of a law student is the capacity to comprehend such information, synthesize them, analyze and apply them to make it relevant to a given situation. This calls for tact and skill in the interpretation and the application of law in addition to sound knowledge of law.
At N.A. Global Law School, the focus is on skill building through knowledge enhancement, wherein the student not only acquires the required knowledge of law but also acquires the skill to apply and interpret the law to a given life situation. This unique learning experience calls not only for the best in a student but also in a teacher. N.A Global Law School is proud to announce that it is fortunate to enlist the services of qualified, competent and well experienced faculty in all the subjects to guide and encourage students to achieve the best. Our mission is to provide students the best of faculty, best campus and other facilities so that they will be able to develop their qualities to the best of their abilities. The management is fully committed to provide the best.
With Best Wishes
Syed Mohid Altaf
Principal Director


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