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M. Altaf Hussain

Law in society is constantly tested by continuously occurring events, thus occurs a scientific investigation of law with intellectual interrogation on the purpose and the role of law.

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Enhancing the quality of Legal Education

A solid foundation is essential for a successful career. N.A. Global Law School provides the best legal education through state-of-the-art facilities and committed faculty.

NAGLS is the brain child of N.A. Educational Trust®. Our dream of expanding in the realm of education by starting a law school has come true. NAGLS is affiliated to Karnataka State Law University and recognized by Bar Council Of India.N.A. Educational Trust® came in to existence in 1999 with the intention of providing education to the community at large

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Legal Literacy and Awareness program "Know
your Rights : Fundamental Rights and Duties"by the
NAGLS for PU Colleges & Schools in Bengaluru

Symposium on "Rape,Murder or even Terror, Bengalure is the new Sin City. Is the "Garden City" of
India emerging as the "Crime Capital" of the country? on 9th Jan 2016. in N.A Global Law School.

Student Testimonials

  • Chairman

    At NAGLS got the chance to overcome my drawbacks. I got the opportunity to explore myself.

    Aarti Raj (B.B.A. LL.B 1yr 1st SEM)
  • Chairman

    The facilities at NAGLS is impeccable and the variety of service available. Which makes me always very well supported.

    Surabhi Kumari (B.A. LL.B 1yr 1st SEM)
  • Chairman

    My experience at NAGLS has been amazing. It has given me the platform where I can recognize my true ability.

    D.M.Sithuiliu Zeliang (B.A. LL.B 1yr 1st SEM)
  • Chairman

    My experience at NAGLS, as I was from Kannada Medium for the past 12 years, NAGLS has given me the opportunity in a short span of time to teach me English and are very supportive, and also encouraging in my career. The faculty and students are very helpful to me. I am also thankful for this opportunity given by the institution. It is one of the best colleges I can say.

    Ashwini P (B.A. LL.B 1yr 1st SEM)
  • Chairman

    Experience at NAGLS, This institution gives the platform for ones complete development in terms of personality, Academics and co-curricular activities. I had given a golden opportunity to participate in state level moot court competition and Law commission of India and many others. Overall, I would like to tell that NAGLS is the best college to consider as an option to build your career and come out with flying colours.

    Harshita (B.B.A. LL.B 1yr 1st SEM)

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